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Agnimitra Shunga Emperor Shunga masculine figurine (moulded plate). 2nd–1st century BCE. Reign 149–141 BCE Predecessor Pushyamitra Shunga Successor Vasujyeshtha Issue Vasujyeshtha Father Pushyamitra Shunga Agnimitra […]

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Taliaferro County Courthouse

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Taliaferro County Courthouse U.S. National Register of Historic Places Show map of Georgia (U.S. state) Show map of the US Location GA 12, Crawfordville, Georgia […]

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Commando Cody

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This article is about the 1950s science fiction film serial character. For the American rock musician, see Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. For […]

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Impact! Miniatures

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Impact Miniatures LTD Type Private Industry Miniature wargaming miniature manufacturer Founded 2006 Headquarters Incorporation in Indiana, United States of America Key people Tom Anders (President)Chris […]

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Yugo Takahashi

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Yugo Takahashi (高橋 裕吾, Takahashi Yūgo?, born in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production. Contents 1 Voice Acting 1.1 Voice […]