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Working Ways of Detoxifying THC

There are a lot of benefits associated with marijuana. But there comes a time when some people may need to take drug tests usually for employment purposes. This could prove to be an obstacle for people applying for a new job or when your employer subjects all the staff members for a mandatory workplace drug test. With the aim of knowing whether a person takes marijuana, they carry out a drug test to check the presence of THC in the system. Marijuana is normally flushed out of a person’s system in a process called THC Detox, where THC and any other component of marijuana is cleansed from the body. THC detoxification methods depend on when you have been informed about the drug test, and which type of drug test you will undergo. There are many methods of THC Detox including the ones which have been discussed below.

One way of detoxifying your system is by using natural detoxification method. One can only use this method if the drug test notification has been issued early enough like a month or more. If you choose to use this method, you will first have to stop consuming marijuana. This will ensure no more THC is getting into your system. Secondly eat a lot of food whereby your diet contains a lot of fluids and fruits. Fruits and fluids will help in getting rid of any toxins in the body. For the Detox to be fully successful, one should do physical exercise so as to increase the rate of metabolism and hence get rid of all the toxins in the body.

In a situation where you are notified of the drug in a week, on can use detoxification products to ensure that they flush away the THC and pass the drug test. Like in the natural detoxification method, one should first cut off the intake of marijuana. Detox products like Detox drinks will assist in cleansing the your system since the natural detoxification method cannot work in a week. The Detox drinks cleanse the body by diluting the system and hence the urine in a way that will not raise eyebrow during the drug test.

Panic should not strike you if you have been given the drug test notice only a day or hours to the test. Since one is not prepared, you might not have carried enough money for a Detox drink and definitely cannot use natural detoxification. The option that is most applicable here is water detoxification. To ensure that THC will not be detected in the drug test, one has to consume up to four litres of water just before the test. Dilute urine however will make the specialists know that you were trying to detoxify, therefore you have to make your urine appear natural by making it yellow and ensuring there is creatinine in it. To do this, you have to buy vitamin B and creatine in a drug store and consume them with a lot of water like an hour or two before the test. This will result to yellow colored urine which will make you pass the urinalysis.

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