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Is Value Based Healthcare Good for Female Patients?

Many of you may be unclear about the idea of value based healthcare.But a lot of people are asking the question because the idea has become more popular in the past few years. The value referred to here means whether or not the patient became healthy. On the other hand, a fee based healthcare system charges a standard fee per service, even if the patient stayed sick or died. In this article, you will read about the benefits of such a system and how it could be implemented.

What are the benefits of such a system? First, patients save money on their healthcare costs. And because the focus is centered entirely around helping the patient get better, there is more focus on creating healthy habits within the patient. When the focus is moved toward making sure the patient stays healthy, a more comprehensive health plan emerges for each patient. This type of healthcare system also attracts more young people than the current model. When they are encouraged to take preventative measures for future health, young people are much more likely to do so.

Overall, society has healthier people and spends much less money keeping them healthy. In this case, there is also a shift from spending the most money on treating illness to spending the most money preventing the illness instead. In a fee based system, there is only an incentive to treat one particular issue, instead of treating the person as a whole. A shift away from the fee based system could mean that the communities become generally healthier and more fit. This seems like common sense, but it bears repeating that healthier people create healthier children and healthier futures. One additional point about switching to a different healthcare system is simply that the current model is not successful in creating a healthier society of people.

As you can imagine, this model is quite controversial. Women’s healthcare organizations are particularly strong supporters. Maternity episodes of care, or clinical episode payment, is one way in which women’s healthcare groups are attempting to make changes. A lot of issues particular to women’s health can be improved by using this model of healthcare instead.

As you can see, a strong case can be made for switching to such a system. You have seen how women’s healthcare organizations are particularly progressive in their approach to this model. As the public gets more comfortable with the idea, many more advocacy groups are likely to join the cause. As old ideas around healthcare turn into new ones, it is important to remember the human element of this issue.

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