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Controlling Thermal Conditions in an Environment

HVAC systems which is a short form for heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is a technology for the indoor environments that enhances comfort for the occupants. The main objective of installing an HVAC system into a building is to enhance the thermal conditions in the environment such that it is not too cold or too hot as well as ensuring the quality of air is good for the occupants. The design of the HVAC systems is based on various principles in disciplines such as thermodynamics, heat transfer as well as fluid mechanics. The systems used in the heating and cooling of the indoor environment are suitable for all building that aims at meeting the necessary conditions for safe and healthy living through the use of fresh air from the outdoor environment. Various indoor environments can make use of the heating and cooling systems including family homes, hotels, apartments, office and industrial buildings, hospitals as well as ships and the submarines.

Ventilation is one of the process enhanced through the HVAC system where the indoor air is replaced with the outdoor air to enhance good quality of the indoor air. To ensure that the quality of air is enhanced, the appliances carries out certain processes such as temperature control through cooling, replenishment of oxygen as well as removing dust, smoke, moisture, odours, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide among other substances and gases. Other than exchanging the indoor and outdoor air, the HVAC system which is a mechanical form of ventilation ensures that air is circulated evenly within the room to ensure uniform good air quality. In a building, there are other natural ventilation methods such as the opened windows, trickle vents and the louvers which the mechanical ventilation methods back up and supplement them for an enhanced air quality in the indoor environment. During ventilation, excessive heat is released from the building hence cooling of the indoor environment.

When the temperatures are very low in the outdoor environment, the indoor environment is also affected making the living conditions uncomfortable and unbearable. Heating can be done through appliances that have designed to generate heat into a building commonly referred to as heaters. There are various sources of heat for heating a building including furnace, boiler, heat pumps that heat water, steam, furnace rooms and electricity where the heat produced is distributed through various processes such as radiation, convection and conduction.

It is important to make sure that suitable precautions have been taken with the indoor heat sources more so those that depend on various fuel types since they may undergo incomplete combustion producing poisonous by products such as carbon monoxide which are hazardous to the health of the occupants. Professional service providers should be sought for the installation of heating and cooling apparatus in the given building. For safe installation, the professionals have the knowledge and skills as well as the right tools and equipment to do the installation.

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